Business App

The Buy Local Media Group supports your business through the Business App, which serves as an all-in-one dashboard. This innovative tool is designed to transform the way you engage with your products and services. It acts as a central hub where various essential elements come together, including performance reporting, seamless communication, branding, and strategies for business growth.

What Business App Brings to Your Table


Brand it as yOur Own

We customize the Business App with your logo and a name that reflects your identity, elevating your brand presence.

Additionally, we configure the domain through which you access our services, strengthening brand recognition.


Tailor Features and Notifications

We ensure that the features and notifications you need are perfectly configured, ensuring a personalized journey.

We take control of the user experience to provide you with a tailored and highly individualized experience that resonates with your specific needs and preferences.


Acquire New Customers

We boost our efforts to acquire new customers on your behalf by skillfully utilizing sign-up widgets and clever automation.

Simultaneously, we streamline the onboarding process for new clients, making it hassle-free for them to access our products and services.


Utilize Our Services

Within the Business App, we create a shop and set up a store where you can effortlessly purchase our products and services. This integrated marketplace is designed to facilitate the expansion of your business conveniently and seamlessly.


Real-Time Communication

We maintain real-time communication with you through a built-in chat feature, ensuring that collaboration, query addressing, and top-tier customer support are always at your fingertips, all within the app.

What You Can Achieve with Business App

  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Online Business Activity
  • Manage Your Online Presence
  • Launch Active Apps/Products
  • Make Purchases Effortlessly
  • SMS Communication (US and Canada)
  • User Information Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Multi-Location Business App

The Buy Local Media Group employs the Business App as a pivotal tool to deliver exceptional service to our clients. It places the tools for customization, data-driven insights, and effective client engagement directly into our hands, allowing us to elevate your brand, streamline your operations, and drive your business toward growth.

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