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Why Buy Local

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When you buy locally—purchasing from within your local community instead of online or out-of-town—you are helping to strengthen your local economy. In fact, for every $100 you spend locally, approximately $70 stays in the local economy.

Tax Revenues
Buying local allows sales tax revenues to go to your local municipality, funding community services such as police and fire protection, health clinics, zoos and parks, emergency services, children’s education, and job training programs.

Job Creation
People who work in the services your local tax dollars support can keep their jobs. Plus, people who work at the businesses you buy from have a job.

Local Profits
Buying from locally-owned businesses helps keep profits local, too. Locally-owned businesses purchase goods from local suppliers, utilize the services of other local businesses, and employ local staff.

Domino Effect
When the people you see every day—neighbor, the cashier at your local supermarket, your child’s teacher—have a job, they’ll spend their money in your local community. The resulting domino effect allows your dollar to support the local economy many times over.

So, instead of purchasing online or outside your community, try to support your community and Buy Local!

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